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Monday, November 7, 2011

I am slightly behind here on blog....

I will get better at this. Not much time with a pc or desktop due to wifey and her nursing school. For some reason my 'smartphone" could never post pics here just comments. These are all quick 10-20 minute sketches. I still have to do the EBR sketch but I couldn't decide on that one. lol. The first pic is of course Frank and his bride and the Dino theme and last is my first idea for the Mythology theme. On my phone I did not see this weeks theme. *facepalm* So I will be working harder at this. Thanks for not booting me. =)


  1. Nice man! Love the bride especially.

  2. AAAAND I was hoping I'd be caught up by now! lol. I thank all that commented and if my scanner still works (2yr old decided to play with it) then I will scan next pics. =)