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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Week Seven: Golden Age Superheroes- Batman by Scott Christian Sava

This is my failure to achieve an "Alex Ross" type superhero.
Sigh. I just am not even in the same hemisphere as that man.

I spent the weekend looking through his Mythology book and am still just in Awe of his talent.

I know I'm only...what...7 weeks in to trying out watercolors (and he uses guache)...but I was hoping for more.

Oh well. There's always next time.


  1. Man, such humbleness doesn't suit you, this is a great piece!

    And NO ONE is in the same hemisphere as Alex Ross, we have to live with that...

  2. "I wanna be Alex Ross! I wanna be Drew Struzan!"

    Make up your mind! lol.

    I wanna see what Scott Sava is going to do next.

    Besides, Alex Ross' super-realist style just seems to underscore how truly silly superhero costumes would be in real life. I like your Batman better.

  3. Nice one, I think your being too critical of your work.

  4. I already told you on facebook what I thought of this one. but I have to say you're improving leaps and bounds with watercolor.