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Monday, October 24, 2011

Dracula and Mina

Sorry for being late (yet again).
Downloaded a trial version of Painter 12 and started playing around with it, as I'd never used Painter before.
This is the result:

Quickie painting - I spent more time learning the layout and what the various tools did than actually painting.
Any tricks and tips are very much appreciated.


  1. Great idea and design! I've never been able to paint anything in Painter, that evil software is beyond my understanding...

  2. What Axel said about Painter, I used to say about Photoshop. ;)

    You seem to have the knack of it. Is this oils?

    Fool around with the Blender brushes, especially the "just add water" brush. That and the "grainy blender" are my faves.

    If you're used to Photoshop, the Tinting brushes might feel familiar. Also, I believe you can set the Painter 12 workspace to a "Photoshop" mode to make it a bit easier to navigate.