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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Week Five: World of Edgar Rice Burroughs John Carter by Scott Christian Sava

I wanted to try something that wasn't so much of a portrait this time out.
I'm never very good with environments. So I thought I'd try learning to do atmospheric environments with watercolors.

Not great...but was a good learning experience.

I may do another this week.

Again. 2 hour sketch. All watercolors on 4x6 postcard.

I used a scene from the upcoming movie as reference...


  1. Love it Scott! Have you tried using salt on environments like this? It would give a GREAT texture to the landscape. If you haven't used it yet, try applying salt by just sprinkling it while the painting is wet. Leave it until the painting is fully dry then simply brush off. The salt draws the water into it, creating "blank" spots where the salt landed, and helping the color to mottle a bit. It is a great technique for adding texture. :) ~Kristin Rose

  2. At least the Mars in your version is RED!

  3. Man, you freak me out when you say these take you only two hours...

    Your Mars looks a lot more interesting than the movie's!