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Friday, October 7, 2011

Beauty is the Beast

Weird... My original text didn't show up... I had this image in my mind for many years. It's based on a girl I knew in college. She was gorgeous and seemed so perfect and sweet... As long as you kept kissing her butt about how pretty and hot and special she was. Once I got on her bad side by telling her the truth that the jeans she was trying on DID make her butt look fat (I was trying to be helpful! What better friend than one who will be totally honest so you don't embarrass yourself in public??), I always had the sense that her mouth was full of shark teeth...

If I ever get around to fleshing this out more, I'd define the coil of tentacles deep in her throat. The reference photo I used is a pretty common stock photo of a girl who looks amazingly like the girl I knew.


  1. Oh, my, that's the best portrait of my college ex I've ever seen...

  2. Axel, did you go to Rutgers, too? :)

  3. ... (right, I'm not wearing pants near you, then!)...

    ... a lovely nightmare concept...

  4. Yup... reminds me of an ex from not long ago. Evil person she was. Had that exact same expression when she laughed.

    Well, I won't sleep soundly tonight. Nice job Suzi! (I mean this all as a compliment btw)

  5. In The Mouth Of Madness. ;)

    Nicely done.

  6. Nice, reminds of some people I knew.

  7. Nice, reminds of some people I knew.