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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Catwoman Blueline - Ready for Inks!

I thought I'd post this blueline version of my Catwoman sketch I am preparing to ink. As you can see, I tweaked thinks a bit in photoshop and added the Batsignal motif to the background. I had planned on dropping it in and left it for photoshop. I tightened up the Gotham City skyline graphic to simplify the inking of it. I was trying to get a similar feel to this piece as the end title graphic from the old Batman TV series. I also was inspired by the skylines Carmine Infantino used to drop into his Batman, Flash and Adam Strange covers and interior art. What can I say, I'm Old Skool.

I print out the blueline on Strathmore smooth surface 11 x 17 Bristol Board via my Canon i9900 inkjet printer. That way, I have a nice clean board to work on and don't have to worry about erasing the pencils. Plus, if I really make a mess of things, I can always print out a fresh board and start over. An added benefit of this process is that the original pencils remain intact. I used this same process on "Forbidden Planet Jen". After scanning the art in color, it is a simple task to remove the blue line via a simple replace color action and desaturate in Photoshop. I'm sure this is probably old hat to most of you folks, but I'm having a lot of fun discovering and adopting digital practices into producing my traditional comic inspired artwork. 

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