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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Catching up - Power Girl

Desperately trying to catch up.  Here's my entry for Ladies of the DC Universe - Power Girl.

Started out as a quick head sketch, and quickly evolved from there.

Done entirely in Manga Studio 4 Debut.  About 5 hours


  1. Sweet! I love the classic Wally Wood Powergirl. The New 52 version is a major fail. Actually the New 52 as a whole is pretty much a fail. Give me classic icons or give me death! BTW, what tablet are you using? I have an Intuos 4 that I am trying to get used to (Again). So far, I am beginning to think I should have waited and bought a Cintiq instead.

    1. Thanks, man. Though, technically, that's not the classic costume - the original Wally Wood design didn't have the oval cutout - it had a rounded neckline. The oval came later on. Totally agree with you on the new design - it's not the lack of cleavage, it's the fact that it's generic and uninspired.
      I've been using the giant Cintiq 21UX for about a year now and LOVE it.

  2. Great! I love the perspective and depth of field on this one.

  3. Thanks for the info on the Cintiq. I'll have to save up my pennies for one. BTW, not to be anal or anything, but Powergirl's first appearance was in All Star Comics #58. She appears wearing the classic circle cleavage window costume on the cover by Mike Grelll and in the interior art by Wally Wood, That cleavage circle was a signature Wood sexy costume motiff. My wife's late uncle was good friends with Wally and had several originals he had commissioned from him that featured women with the cleavage window incorporated into their outfits.