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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Catch-Up Month - Forbidden Planet Jen - Inked by BigGuido

Well, here's my inked version of "Forbidden Planet Jen". I did some re-working here and there and re-did Jen's face and hair to make her look more like Uncle Frank's vision of loveliness. NOT EASY! Anyhoo, much cursing and tubes of white-out later, it is finished. I am somewhat pleased with the results, but as I stated earlier, inking has never been one of my strengths. That being said, let me know what you think.

Inked on Strathmore smooth Bristol Board with Prismacolor Premier, Pitt and Micron Art Pens with corrections made with Montana Marker Acrylic Paint Pens. Time: Too $#%@ing long.


  1. Love it! What pen sizes do you use?

    1. I used just about everyone of them! I tried using the brush tips of all three and found the Prismacolor brush pen to be the best of that bunch. I used the #1 Micron Graphic quite a bit, but I found I had a tendency to get awfully ham-fisted with it and ended up with really fat, dead-weight lines as a result. For the most part I used the .05 and .03 of the Prismacolor Premier pens the most. I think the set of Microns I have are old and the ink just didn't seem to flow as well as the Prismacolor pens and wasn't nearly as black. I know Uncle Frank uses Microns for most of his work, so I will probably pick up some singles at a professional art supply store instead of Hobby Lobby to make sure I am getting fresh stock. The Microns have to be better than the ones I was using!

      I also need to pick up some of that Winsor & Newton White Caligraphy ink Adam Hughes uses for highlights on his sketchs and see how well it works for corrections. I always used Pentel Correction Pens back in the day as it dried fast and smooth and delivered a really good surface to re-ink over. Can't seem to find Pentel Correction Pens anywhere in KC so I might have to order some online.

      BTW, I tried one of the techniques I read about online where I took my scanned pencil art into Photoshop, created an alpha channel with it, selected the alpha channel and filled the selection with a really light blue. I then printed it out on the Strathmore Bristol Board and inked over that. It works really slick and if I mess up, I can always print out another board to ink! I wish I had had all of this technology back when I was freelancing for TSR (Original publishers of Dungeons and Dragons) back in the 80s!