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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Uncanny Memory

Here's my slightly-belated X-men entry. I had a lot to do this week, and only got to this at about 8 PM on Friday evening. I was going to just post sketch cards I did for Rittenhouse, when I came across this;

A scan of my earliest-surviving hand-made "comic book" from when I was a kid. Would've been around '87-'88 when I discovered you could staple pieces of paper together and make your own comic book. I started making stacks of them, my favorite heroes being Spidey and the X-men. I had ones that were better drawn, but like much of my art from that time, my mother saw fit to throw tons of it out (I am not making that mistake with my own children). So this is the only guy from that time that made it to the present day.

So I thought I'd do a long-overdue "recreation" of the piece, or something more in line with what I probably actually had in mind. I slapped on some simple colors and a Photoshop filter for the old color-sep look, and traced (I admit that) the logo and cornerbox.

So there you go - a nod to my childhood, both happy and sad. Sad that so much of that is lost (both the artwork and childhood) but happy I've kept with it all these years.

Cheers, folks.


  1. That is very cool. Nice to have some earlier works and its neat to pay homage to it later in life.

  2. Man you werent that good as a kid were you? Im joking! Its awesome you still have artwork from your childhood, all of my stuff is gone. Keep posting im liking your stuff.


  3. HA HA, love the bottom one for nostalgia sake. The top one rocks hard though man. Nice to see that JKS education paid off ;) lol. Seriously though, nice.