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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Downed Sentinel

So I had a thought of Wolverine taking down a Sentinel by entering it's head and popping out it's eye once he brought the thing down.


  1. Great work! I love how Wolverine is falling/slumping out of the sentinel's eye socket. I can feel how tired and beaten up he is.

  2. Great spotting of blacks and composition here, I like it a lot.

  3. Ya know... I think I like the pencils more than the inks in this one. Of course, I've never been a huge 'ink' fan. I think sometimes the energy in pencil work gets sterilized by inkwork. At least mine does.

    Great stuff.

  4. I hafta agree with Jon on this. It's odd, coming from me, where I get anal about stray lines and anything in my own work that looks "loose," but I really enjoy others' pencil work - and I really like the pencils of this one.

  5. Good work, Brian.

    This may sound funny, but I like the debris.

  6. Thanks all. JR and one, yes I freaking hate inking and I suck at it but my pencils are always a bit loose and I lose that in the inking process. I'd love to see what someone who's good at the craft could do with my stuff.