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Monday, October 31, 2011

Lon Time No Steven E Gordon

I'm only a couple of weeks behind in posting (going on 3 weeks maybe?), but I thought tonight seemed like the right time to post this one.
When I originally came up with the idea to do the Phantom no one else had done him yet. That's what I get for waiting so long and wasting time doing stupid stuff like paying my mortgage.
Anyway here's the Phantom of Opera - the first Universal Monster played by Lon Chaney, who was really the first star of monster films. He started the whole 'playing the monster as a sympathetic figure' thing. Ever since I was a young boy and saw Jimmy Cagney play him on film (Man of a 1,000 Faces) and saw the scary diorama of the Phantom at the Movieland Wax Museum I've been a fan.


  1. Great Phantom, Steve.

    I like how they almost have the same expression, albeit for different reasons!

  2. That is tight and well worth the wait!

  3. That's the spirit! I mean.. the Phantom!