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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"D@mn fangirls..."

Submitted for your approval... Poor Nightcrawler always seemed to have more than his fair share of fangirls. I was REALLY into the X-men back in the early 90s, so this is my homage to "Classic" Kurt. Apologies for the poor quality and lateness. I've been having some bone problems lately, particularly in my hands and hips. It's been kind of hard holding onto a pencil because of it. =/


  1. No apologizing!

    Cute. Hopefully that's not Elmira with the real Nightcrawler. ;)

  2. I actually started last week on something "traditionally" Marvel-ous, but had to shelve it and go for something quick and cute because of the hand issue. Funny how you go to get treated for one issue and other things start falling apart because of it. I think I preferred the headaches and high blood pressure over the all-over bone pain, forgetfulness and random bouts of hypoglycemia. d ( ^_^ ) b

    Thanks, tho! Glad it came out as cute as it did.

  3. Sorry to hear about your health issues.

    Poor Nightcrawler, great drawing!

  4. ... should have been hugging Kurt tighter - should be able to seeee the *erk!* in his face!

    ... (but really, it's quite lovely)... `8 ),

  5. Thanks all :) :) :) I've been teaching myself amigurumi, which is knitting/crocheting toys, and I might have to knit myself up a cute little Nightcrawler plushie <3