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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

From Beltsville, With Love - Elshad Kasumov

First fully-digital sketch.  Need better Photoshop inking brushes.  Drawn on a Wacom Cintiq 21UX, which, incidentally, shipped from Beltsville, MD.


  1. Obviously there's a ton of packs of brushes you can download for free at this site This is just a few. They are mainly for penciling and stuff of that nature. Mark Brooks uses them on his Comic pages anymore as he's 100% digital on sequentials now. This is pretty darn sweet! Hard to draw on a cintiq at times. I have the obsolete 20 inch. Just like anything else, takes a little getting used to and learning to cheat like a villain with tweaks that you can't do with a normal pencil and paper (without erasing that is)

  2. Cintiq! I can not wait to get one, though some friends say cause some back pain, but it must be great to draw directly on the screen.
    Very lively and natural line, I like that nervous finish. Good job ;)

  3. Nicely done, and an original concept as well (nice use of the apple crate). ;) Just cos I'm that guy, have you messed with Manga Studio at all? That's what I use for all of my digital inking. A bit of a learning curve from Photoshop (mostly cos the keyboard layout is different and some key tools work in rather non-intuitive ways), but the inking tools are incredible.

    Jon - I forgot Brooks had gone digital. I've seen videos of his process as well.

    Elizabeth - Cintiqs causing back pain? Perhaps, but that all depends on how you set up your work area. There are better ways to do it, and the newer (bigger) Cintiqs allow for more variations of spacing.

  4. Funny you mention Manga Studio, as I'm planning on giving the trial a whirl tonight. I've heard much the same things about inking in it.
    JR, thank you so much for that link. Found a couple of really awesome brushes there.

    Thanks for the feedback, everyone!