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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Adding some color...

Due to a too busy schedule I ended up not doing the original drawing I had planned (it would've been great - trust me) and I decided to cheat by using an old drawing I had done previously for my Friday Fan Request series some time ago and add some color to it. I figured most of you probably hadn't seen the original so I might squeak by....Next time I'll plan my time a little better and do something new...I hope


  1. Oh, yeah, I'm going to TOTALLY COMPLAIN now. lol. Beautiful!

  2. Gorgeous, both in BW and colors!

  3. This is great! I get a Kyle Baker vibe.

  4. Well Boss, you've already told me how awesome I thought this was... still stands. Even with color, it still stands lol.

  5. ... ah... now... yes, you've (um), you've put me in something of a pickle - -

    - soooo, given that Señorita Elizabeth prooobably has better legs, ahhh,

    I'm going to have to vote for her...

    ... (but, deep down, you know who I really love, Steve)...

    `; ),

  6. Hahaha! Well, would first have to photograph our legs, and then decide by a vote ;)

    An outstanding and beautiful work, yes sir! No I doubt that your initial idea would be brilliant, but this is not far behind. I love it.

  7. thanks everyone and I'm not making a great leap here to assume Elizabeth's legs are better than mine as is her drawing.

  8. Steve!! Quit being awesome!

    I like the "Golden Book" colour work here.