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Friday, January 6, 2012


Here's an oldie from 2007, but I thought it fitting, as it has Harry Potter AND an Oz denizen.

I used to have this up on my deviantArt page, but started getting a lot of angry comments from people who read "Wicked" (not fans of the musical). Comments like "Ephalba was framed!" and "down with the Wizard" etc.

I have read "Wicked" and know that it's more a political drama than anything else, so I "understand" what these angry comments were about - but they were all "in-universe," a la a Trekkie complaining about a piece of Wrath of Khan fan art because Khan wasn't a nice guy.

I got fed up with it, and took the image down.

So... here it is again, reintroduced to the internet.

Still behind on Ash and Belit, but I'm flat out over here. I'll play catch-up when I can.


  1. I'm surprised the wart pun didn't play on Hogwart. (; Or whatever. That's the name right? #potterdense Love the drawing, though!