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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Vampirella by Steven E Gordon

I know I've been absent for awhile and I'll try to do better. Maybe even go back and add some of those that I missed....maybe...

Erik is right - my plate is pretty full these days juggling animation duties and trying to be the oldest man to start a comic book career leaving me little time for drawing on fun stuff. Not to say drawing the graphic novels isn't fun...

Anyway this is another cheat for me. An old Vampi I did for a good friend several years ago and one I did for my Fan Request Fridays. If I get a moment maybe I'll add some color to one of them so it looks a little fresher


  1. Better your stuff from a few years ago than mine!

    I like the look on the dragon's face. I think I've seen my cat make that face at me.

  2. No harm no foul on older stuff, sir! (: