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Friday, December 30, 2011

Week Fourteen: Ash by Scott Christian Sava

I never...EVER do black and white inks.
I'm HORRIBLE at them.

But these past weeks I've been using these Jet Pens that my buddy Jimmy Gownley (Amelia Rules) introduced me to while I've been sketching 1,000 inside covers of Dreamland books for our Kickstarter orders.

It's been an interesting experience.

For the record. I tried this once...and wound up trying to add ALL of the subtlety of dirt and shading with lines. It wasn't pretty.

What I learned was that you have to take a minimalist approach with inking.

Anyways. Here's my attempt. I kept myself from coloring or shading it in...ha ha.


  1. Nice overall - the hair works the best, but some of the facial linework is awkward especially around the lips.
    That's what they mnake PS for. Almost none of my inking ever goes digital without a PS pass.

  2. Thanks.
    What do you do in PS to fix this?

  3. a lot of erasing and redrawing/inking. I find looking at it on a computer screen gives me a different perspective and I'll often see things that I hadn't noticed when it was sitting on my table.

  4. You're better at pen & ink than I'll ever be! Love the hair.