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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Slight Change In FOCus!

Since we started this blog, we've had a lot of abstract themes -- this has been fun, but also more difficult than just providing an interpretation.  (ie?  More work!)

So, starting with December 9th's theme, we're going to just move to single characters or concepts (from comics, movies, TV, whatever!)  That way, we can simply provide our take on unique things and keep loose without hunting for the perfect concept to fit an abstract theme.  It'll give us a looser feel, make things easier on us poor artists.  (Well, the poor artists like me who were struggling for the right idea!)

Maybe we'll go back to the themes in the future -- but for now?  We'll be a little more like those other sketchblogs.

Hope you all dig!

(Don't shoot me, I'm a messenger!) (;