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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Other Days of Past Futures

A lotta "cheating" going on as people try to catch up due to heavy work loads. I shall be no different.

While there might be covers that had more impact on me as a youth, this was still up there. X-men #141, the beginning of "Days of Future Past" originally drawn by John Byrne and Terry Austin.

I drew this back at the beginning of the year for emergency funding to the Doctor Who convention Gallifrey One, when a few things (including my own bank and the IRS) conspired to temporarily separate me from my money - I still needed airfare.

So I did a bunch of pencil sketches. The two figures in the middle were penciled on a 11"x17" comic page. I was originally going to surround them with Daleks. But I thought the pose looked something like Days of Future Past, and since a quick Google Search didn't bring up anything like it, I scanned the pencils, and did everything else in Photoshop.

The piece got a lot of internet circulation, and coverage on (and I got to hand a copy to Chris Hardwick in person at the convention). The buyer of the original art got a print as well, and I kept one for my own physical portfolio.

And swore never to make/sell another print of this piece, to make it even more special to the buyer.

Except that didn't stop a booth at a recent Doctor Who convention in Chicago from selling low-quality prints of this. Who-writer Tony Lee told me about it, and with the convention organizers made them take that (and a ton of other fan art they were selling without authorization) down. They were apparently not too happy about taking them down either.


Yeah. So. That.

I still owe a mythology piece.

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  1. I'd never ask for one - since you aren't bringing enough for the whole class, and I respect that kind of reasoning.

    But I WAS tempted to, back when you first revealed it. Top notch, and one of my favorite Doctor images official or otherwise.