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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sigurd Bathing In Fafnir's Blood by Shawn Dueck

Similar to the Achilles myth. Sigurd is told that if he bathes in Fafnir's blood, he'll become invincible. Wouldn't you know it, a leaf lands on his shoulder, leaving a vulnerable spot!

Somehow the phrase "find his Sigurd's shoulder" never caught on in a big way...

The announcement of this week's theme of mythology gave me a sort of "Proust moment", as I was suddenly reminded of a beautiful illustration of this scene I saw in a friend's book back when I was about 10. I probably only saw that page for about 2 minutes, but it left quite an impression.

Drawn in Painter 10 with the charcoal tools.


  1. Very cool story. And the technique used is interesting. It's a little dark on my screen, but perhaps that's the point of the piece too.

    Cool stuff nonetheless

  2. Excellent! Maybe it would have been clearer to have the leaf on the left shoulder, but that's just nitpicking...

  3. Thanks, guys!

    The old-school technique of charcoal-on-coloured-ground is one of my faves.

    You're right, Axel. I was originally going to have the leaf front-and-centre, but decided I didn't want it to be too obvious. I may fool around with it yet, as I'm not happy with the leaf. It was the last part I worked on and my eyes were starting to go buggy.

    Oh, and yes, the pic is quite dark, Jon.