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Sunday, November 13, 2011

On Black Wings

And now I'm caught up.

The reason this took me a bit to get up, is that this was a little more involved than my previous catch-up pieces.

No, you're not crazy. You've never heard of The Black Raptor.

This is a self-serving piece, as I need it for my own comic, The Raptor (as you can guess, the antagonist of the story might be partially inspired by this made-up Golden Age hero). I hope that's not too much of a cheat.

As you can tell this is heavily inspired by All-American Comics, and the character himself is based on a bit of Batman (with gun!), Alan Scott Green Lantern, the Blackhawks, and The Red Cross.

A bit of a challenge trying to not drawn exactly like myself. I didn't totally succeed, but limiting my brush choices, and forcing some rendering choices helped.

May even do a Silver Age version of the character (and then gritty 80s version, and pouch-laden 90s, and... gritty Naughties reboot?).


  1. That's a great Golden Age looking cover!
    Wonderful job!

  2. Good colour choices.

    Very convincing on the whole.

  3. You did a great job of fooling a lot of us, it would seem. Look good man.

  4. I don't think there are any rules as to whether you need to stick exactly to the theme or not as long as you did the drawing within 2 hours (sorry, Scott, I couldn't resist);)

    Looks good - love the dots