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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

2 in 1 Jon Riggle

Sorry I was late to my own party, last week. I've been trying to track down where one of my projects is and if I'm still getting the materials or not. Kinda frustrating to say the least. I had the dinosaur finished last week, but just didn't have time to scan it till tonight. I also last night sketched out my Golden Age piece... And since many won't know who she is...

Zegra (who used to be Tegra) was a Golden Age superheroine from 1948 and originally the star of a rewritten Rulah story, but she eventually became a separate character whose name was changed from Tegra to Zegra and whose hair was changed from brunette to blond with issue #2. The original publisher was Fox Feature Syndicate. Now before you ask, no I wasn't alive to read this book, I've been trying to find time to redesign characters from golden age era books. Not for anything but for fun (and to use in future sketchbooks)


  1. I think you've nailed that "animation" style you've been aiming for with that dino, Jon. Very solid, confident lines.

  2. Thanks guys. I can't say I nailed the animation style I'm trying for yet. Chances are I'll never hit what I truly want, which is nothing less than impossible to describe. This is called doodling in a way, for me.

    I'm thrilled you guys like it though. Really makes me enjoy doing this blog more.