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Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Samurai's Son

[In best movie voice]
He was the world's most skilled bushido samurai to a young emperor. And, the young master looked to him as a father-figure, but SHE was his only heir. As jealously consumed the young emperor, he made plans for the samurai daughter's death. The samurai became a rouge, teaching his daughter all he knew of survival and the arts, until his path and death finally caught up to him. Beaten, raped, and made to watch her father die, the emperor left her for dead. Months passed filled with shame and sorrow, and she felt that only hara-kiri was the option. Before she could plunge the sword through her stomach, she felt...movement. Now, with the only heir to the emperor's dynasty, she seeks her revenge in...

...The Samurai's Son!

Is it sad that I already have entire story for this character? I'm extremely late with this, and I can only pray for a "mulligan" as I'm a noob trying to catch up. This was originally envisioned as an entire sequential page, but I will have to finish that later. Let me know what you guys think.

H & HB Pencil on bristol-board. Levels adjusted on Photoshop.


  1. That's a beautiful drawing, Daniel.

  2. Don't feel bad about catching up! Sometimes you're gonna be late (God knows I will be on occasion!) The tag links on the right - to theme specific and artist specific galleries - won't fuss about time, so we won't! NO SWEAT! Now, onto the piece: love it! Great facial expressions - top notch!

  3. Well worth the wait! Excellent linework and tons of attitude.

  4. I dig it! Nice pose and forced perspective with the sword.

    I know I'll be in the boat of 'tardiness' once my Star Wars stuff gets handed to me. Once I get past that I'll be able to start posting again, but paid deadlines beat fun deadlines all the time.

  5. Very cool character and story. Sorry, at first sight, I thought "Mulan II: Stay-At-Home Samurai" *snort*