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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ronin - Elizabeth T.

 "A ronin (literally "wave man" - a wanderer like a wave in the sea) was a masterless samurai during the feudal period of Japan, between 1185 and 1868. A samurai might have no love because of the ruin or fall of this or that had lost its favor."

I did not write that, I made a direct copy-paste from Wikipedia, to illustrate a little... But the drawingif it´s mine! :D Thanks to Jon found some very good Photoshop brushes, and I'm improving my inking, that sometimes can be too clean.

This is all digital, the sketch and the final artwork.


  1. I love the BW contrast and composition... and you can never have too clean inking :D Excellent!

  2. Lovely! Has almost a woodcut look to it.
    Jon, you been holding out on these brushes...?

  3. ... thanks for the before/after images - both worthy in their own regard...

    ... lovely work... (again!)

  4. This is fabulous. My only suggestion would be to make the jawline a little thicker. Also, I recognize the brush used for the sketch, but which one did you use for inking?

  5. I have lol yes. I'll post on the cho board about the brushes.

    Elizabeth this is just hardcore cool. I love the design and the style. Very cool indeed!

  6. Nice push/pull between the linear perspective and the flatness of the graphic style, Elizabeth.

  7. Sawheet! The brush work reminds of Jeff Smith only more detailed. Just very very cool!

  8. Thanks a lot to all!

    Elshad, I note the advice, I'll remember for next time. The famous brush is the "DryBrush-1", but does not work alone. You have to put a little of love, otherwise it's just a brush either ;P

  9. This is wonderful what brushes do you use...I use corel painter 11 and I have a wacom intuos 4, but I don't know how to use either very well. Any advice?