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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Okay so I'm late... Liberty Meadows - Brian Wisniewski

I had some stuff come up but was determined to finish this. I'm already trying to get ideas together for this weeks' theme.

Unfortunately my scanner is broken so all you get is this cruddy phone pic of my LM/Rocketeer Mash up.

It's been a while so I expect the crits to come fast and furious. That's okay though, it's why I'm here. That and to have a little fun in the process.


  1. Hey, this is a natural match! Great idea and composition!

  2. Nice, but I think if you're looking for criticism you're in the wrong place. Unless I'm wrong this isn't a place to post your work to get negative reactions. Especially not from the other members of the blog.
    If you really feel you want a critique then maybe you could post in on the FOC forum to get some reactions before posting here.

    At least, that's my feeling.

  3. Very cool mash up idea! And the line work is great. Very controlled and clean, something I really need work on.

  4. Hey Steven,

    I just figured if something was glaring someone would say something, otherwise I'm down with it just being a place to celebrate art. I didn't think it was so clearly defined on the forums as to exclude criticism, so I just assumed that would be a component of it, not the focus. Sorry if I was unclear or if I've misunderstood.

  5. Just my opinion, of course. I'm taking my cues from other sketchblogs and it seems like criticism isn't rampant on any others and would almost be disrespectful...