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Friday, September 16, 2011

Week One: Liberty Meadows-Jen by Scott Christian Sava...

3 hour sketch of Jen...
Still trying to loosen up and just leave brush strokes.
Fun to try...I would think that ANYTHING but a pretty girl would be SO much easier...ha ha
Here's a close up.

Photo reference was actually Cameran Diaz.
The smirk made it feel like Jen to me.
The reason why I've joined this is to force me to try and get back into drawing/painting again.
So hopefully my work will improve over time.
If not...I blame you ALL!


  1. You set the bar awfully high, Scott!

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  3. Sweet! Out of curiosity, did you block out the figure when painting the background in?
    Now I need to try and squeeze one out today before I am off traveling for work again all next week...wait, that doesn't sound right does it?

  4. :)
    Thanks all!

    No. I just did a wash of orange and some purple over my initial sketch.
    Then went in with mid-tones on the skin...then some lift away (with water and brush) to get some highlites.

    Then went back with darks...then finally some more opaque highlites.

    The bra and panties I did last...and the lips and eyes.

  5. Scott I would proudly hang that piece of art in my den. You're fantastic.

  6. Splendid! That's -most likely- how Jen would look in real life.

    And, as Erik noted, "You set the bar awfully high, Scott!"

  7. Scott set the bar high alright. I have to bow at your awesomeness man. Great stuff. I can't wait to see what Steve does (although I bet I already know what it is lol)

    Great job again, Scott!

  8. Way to christen the blog, Scott!

    I'm feelin'the Struzan love.

  9. Thats amazing work. Thanks for sharing!